Mindfulness @ Andressa Fortuna | Monday, May 24, 2021 | 2 minutes read | Update at Monday, May 24, 2021

As you might have noticed, mindfulness has been under the spotlight the latest years as a way to improve wellbeing. A lot of scientific research has been made and the results are not definitive but they are rather promising.

But do you know what the main objectives and purpose of mindfulness are?

What we try to do through mindfulness is a practical approach to train our attention and allowing us to cultivate awareness. Awareness is the basis that will enable us to explore our patterns of behaviour, thinking, feeling and action. By investigating our present experience, including body sensations, internal mental states, thoughts, emotions, impulses and memories, we can try to understand and rationalise the root causes of such experiences. Getting into this non-judgemental awareness of ourselves enables us to take better decisions and empower us to change what we don’t like or accept things we can’t change.

Now, the mindful state of mind is achieved through practice, and that takes time. Usually, you are going to find a bumpy road while practicing, and some days you are likely to skip your program. The important thing is to keep practicing, even if you missed a few days or found it difficult at first. You should check Trueahead and see how it helps you practicing mindfulness to achieve more.

The benefits of mindfulness

Researches tell us that people who incorporate mindfulness into their lives often report heightened levels of happiness, patience, acceptance, and compassion, as well as lower levels of stress, frustration, and sadness. In a research Harvard scientists showed how mindfulness practice impact positively the brain of depressed patients. Another research indicates that meditation almost certainly does sharpen your attention. The results are positive but scientist are in need to reproduce these studies in a non-biased way to guarantee the positive results.

Why Trueahead?

I have decided to build Trueahead since I had not found any apps focusing on both delivering my goals and keeping my mind healthy. Trueahead is a productivity app that also focuses on mindfulness. There you can track your habits, find nice sleep stories, keep your journal and meditate.