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Focus and productivity are two skills that many of us are looking to improve. In order to get ahead in almost any aspect of our lives, we need to be focused and learn to make the most of the time we have each day. Here at Trueahead, we are excited to offer you a productivity app that focuses on mindfulness. Keep reading as we share some of our top tips for improving your focus and productivity in every aspect of your life.

Allocate Enough Time for Sleep

One of the key considerations when looking to improve both your productivity and focus is allocating enough time to rest each day. The National Sleep Foundation suggests healthy adults should enjoy between seven and nine hours of sleep each night in order to function properly each day. Through trial and error, you can find the perfect amount of sleep that helps you to wake up each day ready to tackle the day ahead. If you find yourself unable to focus by lunchtime, it’s a clear sign that you aren’t giving your body enough rest at night. If you struggle to fall asleep at night, check out our sleep stories on Trueahead. They are the ideal tool for anyone who struggles to switch off their mind and relax at the end of a busy day.

Stop Multitasking

We know that multitasking makes you feel like you are more productive, but in fact, that’s far from the truth. Neuroscience professor Earl K. Miller states that multitasking is not possible for humans, and we are only kidding ourselves if we think we can perform multiple tasks at one time. To improve your overall focus and productivity, work through your to-do list one task at a time each day. Try to minimize background noise and distractions when you are working, so you can give your full attention to the task at hand. You’ll find that when you concentrate on one thing at a time, you will complete everything you need to do quicker than you believed was possible.

Take Regular Breaks in the Day

As well as giving yourself enough time to sleep at night, if you are working long hours, you’ll want to ensure you are splitting up your day with regular breaks. Research from the Florida State University suggested that elite performers worked best when they capped their working period to 90 minutes. It also suggested that the highest performers didn’t work more than 4.5 hours in a day, but of course, this isn’t always possible in our jobs. Make sure you break your day down into smaller time blocks to make the most of your limited hours. If you are working at a screen all day, walk away from it every hour or so to give your mind and eyes a short rest before returning to your work.

The Two-Minute Rule

If you’ve never heard of the two-minute rule before, you’ll want to consider implementing this on days when you are overwhelmed with how much you have to do. Steve Olenski, a well-respected entrepreneur, suggests that if you have a task that can be done in less than two minutes, you should do it straight away. It will be quicker to do it immediately than return to the work later on and helps you to get through your long to-do list with ease each day.

Train Your Brain

It’s never too late to train your brain to be more focused and productive. A study funded by Lumos Labs, Inc in 2015 suggested that just 15 minutes a day, five times a week, is enough to improve your focus with brain training activities. These include puzzles and games such as sudoku, crosswords, chess, word searches, and memory games. As well as improving your focus, many of these games also help your short-term memory. They are ideal for adults of all ages and will give you a much-needed break from your computer screen as well.

Make Time for Exercise

Another key way to improve your focus is to ensure you maintain a regular exercise routine. Studies show that within just four weeks, you can improve your focus and memory with regular aerobic exercise. While we don’t all have time to head to the gym each day, even fitting in a short walk on your lunch break can do wonders for your mental health and focus. On top of the exercise benefits, you’ll find that spending time in the fresh air can help to revive you and give you more energy for the rest of the day. You’ll return to your work feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of the tasks you have to complete that day. Exercise offers just as many mental health benefits as it does physical health benefits, and it’s one of the keys to leading a healthier and happier life.


If you’ve never given meditation a go, we highly encourage you to try it. It’s known to offer many benefits, and improving your focus and productivity are two of these. Look for guided meditations that help you to focus on a specific subject or thought, as these will aim to increase your attention and focus. On Trueahead, you’ll find meditations that you can use each day to help improve your productivity and focus. The great thing about meditation is that you only need a few minutes to benefit from this practice. Start with just a couple of minutes of meditation each day before working up to a longer period of time as you progress and become more comfortable with the practice.

Why Trueahead?

Here at Trueahead, our goal is to offer you a productivity app that also focuses on mindfulness. You’ll find many different features on the app, including a habit tracker, sleep stories, a journal, and meditations. These are all excellent tools to help improve your focus and productivity, and you’ll find Trueahead to be one of the best tools for improving these skills in the upcoming months.